BA (Honours) Mass Communication

RCCM students studying BA (Hons) Mass Communication course gain a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of mass communications. This includes studying the analysis, production, strategic use and deployment of mass communications in a range of commercial and social contexts. A particular focus of this 3-year course is on digital and social media and how such media are transforming the social and business world. Students develop high-level skills in the production and manipulation of digital media, consider how media communications can be used in a strategic manner across different platforms and how communications can be understood and critically examined. Students engage in substantial amounts of creative work across a range of platforms and develop expertise in one or more of the key fields of mass communication. The degree uses a wide range of teaching approaches including creative project-based learning, case studies, practical workshops, lectures, seminars, and tutorials. Students are encouraged to engage with industry. An eligible candidate for this course will need a 12th passed certification from an equivalent university.

Syllabus :

Year I :

S.No. Subject
01. Introduction to Mass Communication I
02. History of Media I
03. Hindi I
04. English  I






5 Hindi II
6 English II
7 History of Media II
8 Introduction to Mass Communication II





II Year

S.No. Subject
01. Reporting and Editing I
02. Reporting and Editing II
03. Writing for mass media I
04. Writing for mass media II






S.No. Subject
01. Public Admininstration I
02. Economic Developement and planning in India I
03. Economic Developement and planning in India II
04. Public Admininstration II




III Year :

S.No. Subject
01. Advertising and Public Relation -I
02. Advertising and Public Relation -II
03. Introduction to Audio Visual Media-I
04. Introduction to Audio Visual Media-I





III Year :

S.No. Subject
01. Indian Consitution and Media Law-I
02. Indian Consitution and Media Law-I