B.Com (Computer)

B.Com (Computer) by RCCM Indore is an undergraduate academic as well as a professional degree course which is awarded after successful completion of a 3 years program that generally covers the study of principles of accounting, financial planning and economic theory along with computer applications.lt is a course that is customized for students wishing to shine in the field of computers and information technology. RCCM provides familiarity in accounting while offering an aptitude to understand and analyze financial reports and their effect upon a business. Our focus is on providing good thoughtfulness in accounting practices which are significant in the decision-making processes, planning and evaluating the performance of business activities. If you have a fast thinking mind and can apply concepts and analyze the situation coming your way, then B.Com (Computers) is the perfect course for you. 10+2 or Equivalent with aggregate 50% marks is an eligible candidate who wishes to pursue this course.

Syllabus :

B.Com (Computer) I Year

S.No. Subject
01. Hindi
02. Entrepreneurship
03. Financial Accounting
04. Business Law
05. Pc Software



B.Com (Computer) I Year

S.No. Subject
01. Business Maths
02. Business Organization & Communication
03. English Language
04. DTP and Multimedia



B.Com (Computer) II Year

S.No. Subject
01. Hindi
02. Environment studies
03. Corporate Accounts
04. Principals of Statistics
05. Internet and E commerce



B.Com (Computer) II Year

S.No. Subject
01. Cost Accounting
02. Principal of Management
03. Environmental Studies
04. English Language
05. Relational Data Base management system



B.Com (Computer) III Year (Semester V)

S.No. Subject
01. Income Tax law and practice
02. Management accounting
03. Internet technology and introduction to E-Commerce
04. Hindi
05. Basic Computer Information Technology I



B.Com (Computer) III Year (Semester VI)

S.No. Subject
01. Indirect Taxes
02. Auditing
03. English language and aspects of development
04. Basic computer information technology -II
05. Visual basic