B.Com (Management)

RCCM Indore’s Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Management [BCom (Marketing Management)] is an undergraduate program that prepares students for professional careers in the field of marketing. The BCom (Marketing Management) degree emphasizes the techniques and methods of managing and planning for marketing. In this 3 year course, students will proceed through the curriculum in a planned sequence that culminates with the development of a marketing plan. The program focuses on proven practices and application of theory covering research, the nature of consumers, sales management, advertising, quality management, law and ethics in the marketing environment. The program also introduces students to critical thinking skills by providing them with practical marketing principles, examples and case studies, all of which develop the student’s cognitive abilities and enable them to develop marketing strategies for their organizations. The minimum entry requirement is an HSC certification from an equivalent Institute.

Syllabus :

B.Com (Management) I Year

S.No. Subject
01. Hindi
02. Entrepreneurship
03. Financial Accounting
04. Business Law
05. Advertisement sales & Sales Management



B.Com (Management) I Year

S.No. Subject
01. Business Maths
02. Business Organization & Communication
03. English Language & Indian Culture
04. Marketing Communication



B.Com (Management) II Year 

S.No. Subject
01. Hindi
02. Environment studies
03. Corporate Accounts
04. Principal of Statistics
05. Advertising-II



B.Com (Management) II Year 

S.No. Subject
01. Cost Accounting
02. Principal of Management
03. Environmental Studies
04. English Language
05. Personnel selling & salesmanship



B.Com (Management) III Year (Semester V)

S.No. Subject
01. Income Tax law and practice
02. Management accounting
03. Management of the sales force
04. Hindi
05. Basic Computer Information Technology I



B.Com (Management) III Year (Semester VI)

S.No. Subject
01. Indirect Taxes
02. Auditing
03. English language and aspects of development
04. Basic computer information technology -II
05. Sales promotion and public relations