B.Com (Plain)

The B.Com degree at RCCM Indore is designed to provide the student with a wide range of managerial skills while at the same time building competence in a particular area such as Business Economics, Financial Accounting, Cost Accountancy, Income Tax, Auditing, Business Finance, Business Law, Marketing and Business Communication. This 3-year course highlights the concepts and skills of Accountancy and Computer applications. The curriculum of B.Com degree course includes evolving and applying finance and computer application concepts to Commerce. The highlights of the course curriculum are academic rigor, innovative teaching, upgrading the learning process through case studies and presentations and enhancing the overall student experience through interactive class discussions, debates, project based assignments and a system of continuous evaluation. Students who wish to apply for the course have to fulfill the eligibility criteria of completing HSC in any discipline.

Syllabus :

B.Com (Plain) I Year

S.No. Subject
01. Hindi
02. Entrepreneurship
03. Financial Accounting
04. Business Law
05. Micro-Economics



B.Com (Plain) I Year

S.No. Subject
01. Business Maths
02. Business Organization & Communication
03. English Language & Indian Culture
04. Macro Economics



B.Com (Plain) II Year

S.No. Subject
01. Business Maths
02. Environment studies
03. Corporate Accounting
04. Principals of Statistics
05. Indian Company Act



B.Com (Plain) II Year

S.No. Subject
01. Cost Accounting
02. Principal of Management
03. Hindi
04. English Language
05. Banking and Insurance



B.Com (Plain) III Year (Semester V)

S.No. Subject
01. Income Tax law and practice
02. Management accounting
03. Public Finance OR Principle of marketing
04. Hindi
05. Basic Computer Information Technology I



B.Com (Plain) III Year (Semester VI)

S.No. Subject
01. 1. Indirect Taxes
02. 2. Auditing
03. 3. English language and aspects of development
04. 4. Basic computer information technology -II
05. 5. International marketing Or Financial Mgt.