The Institute Building

Gurukul is a vibrant heritage of the past & worked on the theory of targeted skill oriented educational approach, where a student was trained in his/her naturally inclined field of interest & equipped with the skills-set that would help him /her in future life. Same thought is being adopted at renaissance & here different sets of courses are allotted to students according to their natural inclination & that too after a comprehensive counselling session.

The mission is to produce professionally perfect graduates who can provide expertise & exceptional performance in their respective chosen arenas. In a nut shell it can be said that renaissance is a 21st century gurukul.





The library of the institute has an excellent collection of reference / textbooks and periodicals related to various fields with an on -process updation. From time to time, books and journals are added to the present 'printed friends' to fulfill the demands of the faculty and the students.


Indore Indira facilitates all national, financial & good range of newspapers in the library.
Indore Indira library subscribes to a number of reputed journals and books.
Indian and foreign periodicals and catalogues covering various fields.




Computer Lab

To satiate the cyber-veins of today's generation, Renaissance is distinctly equipped with a Wi-Fi Computer Lab aptly backed by TFT monitors and 24 hrs. Internet facility. The comfortable seating and effective air-conditioned atmosphere further makes studying cool and presentation, even cooler!







The heart of Renaissance is undoubtedly its canteen, Where students fearlessly pour their heart out. Right from aggression to emotion and from backbiting to chit-chatting, it has actually become the chill-out our students. And the finger-licking food is definitely one of the reasons for the cent-percent attendance.